Essential Glasses That Every Home Needs

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Published on Aug 17, 2022
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Whether you have recently bought a new home or are renovating your kitchen there are a number of must haves to fill your kitchen cupboards with!

When shopping for drinkware for your home, it may surprise you how many different shapes and sizes glasses actually come in. 

All these different types of glasses that are available are an interior designer’s secret weapon – but we’ve all bought into them over the years! We’ve all been in a bar and moaned at some point that our favourite tipple has come in a glass that’s not quite what we were hoping for…

From the hot drink must-haves to the stemmed fancy glasses and everything in between – find out more about the essential glassware and drinkware your kitchen needs.


Is there anything more important than being able to have a mug of your favourite tea or coffee in a morning?!

A wide variety of mugs is a must-have for every home. You can get some lovely stacking mugs from stores like TJ Hughes to display on your kitchen side, or alternatively hang or stack them within your kitchen cupboard. 

A double-walled glass mug looks great for indoor or outdoor use and is generally heat resistant up to 150 degrees.

Latte Glass

Taller and slimmer than a standard coffee mug, everyone knows that a latte just tastes better in one of these! If you want to be spoilt for choice we recommend taking a look at Robert Dyas for Latte Glasses…..and their amazing glass section in general

These look fancier than a normal mug and allow for a milkier coffee seeing as they’re a bit bigger in volume. They don’t stack very well though, so you’d probably only want a couple. 

Wine Glasses

Ok so now onto the good stuff…

Every home needs an array of wine glasses, maybe some plainer ones and then some a little ‘posher’ for when you have guests round. No matter what your style or personality you’ll find wine glasses at Amara to suit your style.

Traditionally, a red wine glass is rounder with a wider bowl, and white wine and rose wine glasses are taller and slimmer. 

Champagne Flutes

Champagne, prosecco, or Bellini’s, anyone?! 

Champagne flutes are slim in their design and are a must-have for every home’s kitchen cupboard. If you like a fancy champagne flute then you definitely want to take a look at VonHaus.

This type of glass is generally used for celebrations and gatherings so you may need quite a few! So it’s a good idea to look for a bargain on a larger set of these. 

Gin Glasses

Gin, or as they are also known, ‘bowl’ or ‘balloon’ type glasses, are perfect for serving gin with lots of room for plenty of fruit and ice!

If you like a tipple of Gin then you’ll like it even more in your own Gin Glasses from a store like Oka.

This type of glass has become super popular in recent years (probably due to their capacity limit!) so it’s definitely worth investing in a few. Chin, chin! 

Pint Glasses

The only way to drink lager, ale, or cider is in a pint glass! Or half a pint glass if you’re taking it steady…

A pint glass is also a great option for drinking water or anything else non-alcoholic, particularly when you’re thirsty. 

Highball Glasses

A highball glass from a store like Made In Design is a tall tumbler that is perfect for ‘long drinks’ such as vodka and cokes, or cocktails such as a mojito, bloody Mary etc.

These can also make great glasses for everyday wear for water or a glass of your favourite juice – and so are potentially the type of glassware that you’ll want to stock up on the most.

Lowball Glasses

These are for the strong stuff! 

Short tumblers from Alibaba are best for ‘short drinks’ such as neat whiskey over the rocks, or cocktails such as an old fashioned or negroni. 

It’s a good idea to buy ones that are ‘stackable’ to help save space in your cupboards and keep them looking neat and tidy. 

Martini Glass

Martini glasses always look super cool and bring all the Bond vibes to your home! They are perfect for serving a wide range of cocktails. As well, of course, flavoured martinis or espresso martinis. We just love the selection of Martini Glasses that Rockett St George currently has on offer.

These are normally etched in their design and take up quite a lot of cupboard space, so best to keep the number you buy of them to a minimum. 

Shot Glass

Is a party really a party without some shots?! 

A glass that is quite easy to forget when you’re out shopping, but one that will become extremely popular with your guests on a Saturday night.

You can buy plain ones relatively cheap, or it’s always nice to collect them as souvenirs from your favourite holiday destinations! 


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