The Benefits of Buying Reusable Drink Bottles & Cups

The Benefits of Buying Reusable Drink Bottles & Cups
Published on Sep 08, 2022
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Reusable drink holders including bottles for your water or flasks for your favourite coffee are the new trending thing and all for very good reason! 

Reducing our plastic waste and using reusable items whenever possible have so many benefits. If you haven't already, it's a great time to make that switch and find the perfect reusable drink holder for you. Travel mugs and water bottles come in all different sizes, colours, materials and prices. It’s just finding the one that is right for you.

Find out more about the benefits of buying reusable drink holders below.

Save Loads of Money

Who doesn’t love saving money?! A lot of coffee shops will offer some sort of discount or membership club where you can earn points whilst you shop, even more so to the people who bring their own cups. It has been found that you could be saving over £100 a year! 

Again with water bottles, buying a single bottle of water can cost anywhere between 80p and £2.00 but buying a reusable water bottle from a store such as Mountain Warehouse could cost as low as £2.00. Saving you around £600 per year (based on one bottle per day). Imagine what that extra bit of cash can get you?

Help Your Drinks Hold Their Temperature

There is nothing worse than buying a hot coffee on the way to work and it being cold by the time you get there and get time to drink it. The standard takeaway coffee cups do not offer much insulation so the majority of the time they turn cold pretty quickly. 

Choosing a reusable drinks holder like a flask from a store such as Decathlon that keeps the heat in for you is what you need to be looking for. Look at reviews online, some of the more expensive travel mugs don’t keep the drinks warm anywhere near as long as the cheaper ones. Do your research! Likewise, for a water bottle, you want something that is insulated to keep your drink cold. 


They Look Cool

Are water bottles and travel mugs classified as accessories to an outfit now? If they aren’t, I am sure they will be pretty soon. For some people style is important; for others, it’s nothing. Whichever group you fall into, you will probably agree that bottles and cups with prints, ranges of colours and a range of finishes are much cooler than a paper cup or a transparent plastic water bottle. Even Ocado has its own range of reusable bottles and travel glasses.

Look at Love Island, they brought out plastic reusable water bottles just like the ones the contestants have – they went crazy! Everyone wanted them just to look ‘cool’. Customise them to whatever you want and no one will ever have the same.

Encourage Water Intake

a woman drinking water from a bottle

Having a reusable water bottle doesn’t just encourage you to drink more water, it also helps keep track of your daily consumption. If you are sticking to a target of 2 litres of water per day, you will need to refill a 500ml water bottle four times. Make a note when you do and you will realise how easy it is to hit that 2-litre target. 

You can buy bottles from Amazon that tell you at what time of day you should be drinking and how much. This encourages you and gives you a target to get to in a small time frame. Overall, it will improve your health by keeping you hydrated throughout the day. 

Help Reduce Plastic Waste

a pile of empty bottles

A lot of you may already be aware of the struggles we are having with the waste that is filling up landfills and our oceans. By choosing to have a reusable water bottle from a store such as ASOS you are planning that first step towards reducing plastic waste and also our carbon footprint. 

Just having a reusable water bottle will save 365 plastic bottles per year going in the bin and evidentially adding to the issues. A lot of the reusable bottles are much more environmentally friendly and use minimal plastic and effort to manufacture. Most can also be recycled when they eventually come to their end.

Prevent Leaks & Spills

a woman in a car with coffee down her top

Not all vehicles come with drink holders, so where are you going to keep your drinks safe from falling over and spilling or leaking all over your seats? Travel mugs and reusable water bottles from stores such as Cotswold Outdoor can be carried in your bag without the risk of any spills.

Reusable water bottles are great for car journeys or long journeys as they can be left on the seats or floor without leaking and can also be easily refilled. Coffee cups from shops cannot always be trusted and are not designed primarily to prevent liquid escaping. Some do offer better splash protection than others but by sticking to a reusable travel mug you will not have this problem.

Charlotte Marshall

Charlotte Marshall

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