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Published on Jul 05, 2022
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No matter how far your DIY skill set stretches, there are a number of essential tools that absolutely every homeowner should have! 

If you’ve recently moved into your first home, then you’ll probably be feeling slightly overwhelmed about where to start. We know that buying tools can become expensive, however, it’s a lot cheaper than getting a professional in to complete small tasks if you can help it.

It’s also important to have a number of tools at home just in case you ever require them in an emergency. So if you’re currently weighing up what you really need to buy and where you can save money, then take a look at our list of essential tools. 

A Cordless Drill with Bits 

The power and functionality that a cordless drill provides make it the perfect partner for a wide variety of household tasks. And you can pick these up at almost any homeware shop for a bargain. Check out FFX Power Tools where you can grab a drill and all the accessories you need at great prices. 

A smaller model should do you just fine, just remember to buy any different-sized drill bits separately. This will be a lifesaver when it comes to assembling furniture or hanging items on the walls.

Multi-bit Screwdriver

For a job that doesn’t require quite as much power, a multi-bit screwdriver from a store like Toolstation will do the job for plenty of small tasks. 

If you’ve got a lot of flat-pack furniture, then this will be your best friend. The beauty of a multi-bit screwdriver is that you can easily swap the heads depending on what you need it for, which makes it cheaper to buy than various different-shaped screwdrivers. 

Tape Measure

Whether you’re hanging pictures, measuring the space out for your new sofa or shed or anything in between – a tape measure is an absolute must! You can pick up a sturdy tape measure from Homebase on your next trip!

Be sure to purchase a sturdy one that has a locking feature and is long enough for the job in hand, a 25-metre one is usually the most popular for use at home. 

A Hammer

A good hammer is invaluable when it comes to fixing furniture or hanging pictures or mirrors on a wall. 

It’s super simple to use even for a complete DIY novice, so should definitely have a space within your home tool bag. Check out Machine Mart for a handy hammer for your home. 

Retractable Knife 

You may think that your kitchen knife will do just fine, but there are a lot of household DIY tasks that will require something sharper and stronger – not to mention a lot safer to use.

A retractable knife is an absolute must and can be used on heavy-duty materials, or you can retract it in so it’s just a small point to use for opening delivery packages and so on. You can pick up an inexpensive retractable knife from stores like Zoro.


A good set of ladders and step-ladders are essential if you need to do anything at height. They are the safest way to complete a project and definitely the most efficient. 

You could probably do with a pair of step ladders for smaller heights within your home such as hanging pictures up, and potentially a larger pair of ladders for when your kids (or wife) nag you to put the Christmas lights up outside! Check out Harrod Horticultural, yes....they do ladders too!

Pair of Gloves

Safety is always the most important thing when you’re tasked with some DIY at home, especially if you’re not very experienced.

These will help protect your hands from wood or splinters and will help you keep a strong grip on anything you’re holding. They’re also very useful if you’re going to be carrying heavy objects for a prolonged period. Grab a pair of gloves from Tooled-Up before you start your next DIY project.

A Level

If you’re hanging any pictures of mirrors on a wall, then you’re going to want to make sure you get them as straight and level as possible!

You can get laser levels, but for the purpose of putting up a few accessories around your home then a basic level should suffice and will save you a lot of cash.


Your pliers may not be used as much as some of your other tools. But they are useful to have, especially if you need them in an emergency for something like a leaking tap or a key stuck in a lock.

Pliers from stores like UK Tool Centre, can also be used to help tighten stubborn nuts and other fittings when putting furniture together and will save your fingers a lot of trouble.


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