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How to Choose Wedding Flowers On A Budget

How to Choose Wedding Flowers On A Budget
Published on May 06, 2022
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With wedding season fast approaching, you may be looking to buy your wedding flowers now - or even planning for next year!

Flowers are an absolute staple at every wedding, but you may be surprised at how much they cost. It's definitely one of the bigger things you need to think about when deciding on your budget so it’s important to shop around to get an idea before you start planning.

There's a lot to decide on when it comes to wedding flowers so it’s important to consider the below.

Find Out What’s Seasonal

A great way to save money when buying your wedding flowers is to research what’s going to be in season around the time you get married.


If you’re opting for real flowers, firstly check out Freddie’s Flowers who have some beautiful fresh arrangements. It can be a lot cheaper to plan your wedding flowers around something that is going to be readily accessible and easy for your florist to source. Check out some of the options available at florists such as Bloom and Wild.


As they will be buying in bulk for all of their wedding bookings, you can save costs as the price per flower will be lower. 


A rough guide for what flowers to think about for each season is:

  • Spring – Tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and pansies.
  • Summer – Gardenias, freesias, orchids and dahlias.
  • Autumn – Chrysanthemums, anemones, snapdragons and asters. 
  • Winter – Agapanthus, waxflowers, amaryllis and skimmia berries.

Consider Colour Schemes

As well as making sure the flowers you would like will be in season, it’s important to consider your overall colour scheme.


Not all flowers come in every colour so make sure to check what is available before you buy your bridesmaid dresses, chair covers, etc. 


Try taking inspiration from Pinterest boards or other weddings you have been to. Alternatively, check out florists online such as Prestige Flowers to see what colour flowers work well together. This will help you figure out what kind of colour scheme you would like and will help narrow down your search for the right flowers.

What Theme Are You Going For?

As well as your colour scheme, the type of flowers you choose should reflect the overall theme of your wedding. 


If you’re going for a summery, beach wedding then you may want to go for peonies, hydrangeas and calla lilies.


For a relaxed, outdoor, autumn wedding, your bouquet can be more rustic and natural. Things like ferns, wild posies and pampas grass are great to achieve this look. Take a look at stores online like Bunches to use their pre-prepared flowers for inspiration.


As your flowers are such a large part of the overall feel of the wedding, it’s important to decide on the theme before you plan your floristry!

Consider What You Want Them to Symbolise 

You may already know that all flowers have a meaning behind them and, therefore, some flowers are more appropriate for certain occasions than others!


If you would like your flowers to symbolise the joy and happiness of your wedding day then try to plan your bouquet and table arrangements around this. Take a look at Serenata Flowers for ideas about how you want your flowers/bouquets to look.


As well as looking perfect for your big day, it’s important that the flowers mean something to you and you love looking back at them in photos for years to come.


Your flowers can reflect moments in your life or just be a display of warmth and happiness on your wedding day. Deciding on whether it’s important to you that your flowers symbolise something will help you choose both your final colour scheme and main flowers for the day. Check out florists like Arena Flowers for inspiration.


We've put together a brief outline of the different flowers you may want to consider:


  • Romance – Roses, tulips, orchids, carnations and peonies. 
  • Happiness – Sunflowers, lily of the valley, sweet peas and geraniums.
  • Purity – White lilies, gypsophilia, lotus flowers and daisies.
  • Hope – Forget me nots, plumbago, snowdrops and prunus.
  • Family – Daisies, hydrangeas, lilies, lilac and gardenia.
  • Love – Roses, jasmine, wisteria and impatiens.
  • New beginnings – Lewisia, daffodils, buddleia and Hawaiian lei flowers.

Silk vs. Fresh Flowers

As with everything, there are pros and cons to both silk and fresh flowers.


If you’re looking to save money on your wedding flowers then silk is often the cheaper option. They also won’t wilt or die so are guaranteed to look exactly as planned on your special day!


Another bonus of having artificial flowers is that there is no risk of staining your dress.


However, you can still tell the difference between real and silk flowers. Real flowers do tend to have more of a wow factor compared to artificial ones and do add natural beauty to your wedding day. So, if you aren’t convinced about having artificial flowers check out florists such as InterFlora for discount arrangements

How Far in Advance Should I Order?

We all know weddings require months and even years of planning, but when exactly should you order your flowers?


It’s important to give your florist such as Flower Card as much time to prepare as possible. They will need adequate time to order in from their wholesaler, prep the flowers and create your beautiful wedding bouquet.


You want to make sure nothing gets rushed and you secure the exact flowers you want so book as far in advance as possible. Contact florists such as Flying Flowers early to book in your special bouquets and arrangements.


We recommend between six to nine months in advance to get the best possible price without compromising on what you want.

What Are the Most Popular Wedding Flowers?

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and so the flowers you choose should be a reflection of the personal taste of you and your partner.


As the wedding industry still continues to grow each year, there are some flowers that are just more popular than others. 123 Flowers have some beautiful traditional flower arrangements


The flowers that get chosen the most for weddings are:


  • Roses
  • Peonies
  • Calla lilies
  • Ranunculus
  • Hydrangeas
  • Tulips
  • Orchids
  • Gardenias
  • Anemones
  • Sweet peas


The most important thing when it comes to picking your wedding flowers is to make sure they are something you love. 

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