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Why You Should Use a Local Florist for Flower Deliveries

Why You Should Use a Local Florist for Flower Deliveries
Published on May 25, 2022
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No matter what the occasion or event, there comes a time in life when everyone will need to order a bunch of flowers or a flower arrangement.

With so many different types of flowers available and so many different florists - we know it can be confusing to know where to start! That's why choosing to shop from your local florist takes all of the thinking out of it, as well as provides loads of other great benefits. 

Read on to find out our top reasons for shopping local when picking your next bunch!

Support Small Businesses

Most local florists tend to be small, family-owned businesses. The money spent in these small businesses goes to real people, that live locally to you. 

Small business owners take much more pride in the service that they offer, in the hope that you will continue to return to them. They are able to provide a shopping experience that you are unable to find with the big fish businesses. 

Every customer makes a difference to a small business, and that gratitude is felt! Small local businesses also provide jobs to those close to us, helping to support those around us. 

Support Your Local Communities

By shopping with a local florist, you are helping to support your local communities. A community is important in the place you live, for reasons such as a prospering society helps to build strong relationships within the neighbourhood. 

Helping your local florist to continue to provide a service which is much needed in your area. A thriving community also helps to attract new businesses to the area, which also helps your local economy flourish. 

They Offer Flowers for All Occasions

Every occasion is worthy of a beautiful bunch of flowers, and your local florist is able to cater to any of these. 

Online florists tend to offer very standard packages to cover a large number of customer needs, such as ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Sorry For You Loss’. But sometimes you have something specific you would like to bring a floral arrangement to. And by providing your florist with these details, they will be able to create a custom bunch, designed just for you.


They Source the Most Seasonal Flowers

Local florists spend the early hours of the morning at wholesalers stocking up on blooms for their customers. Locally sourced flowers will be the most seasonal, meaning that they perfectly match the season, capturing the time of year effortlessly. 

They will be at their highest quality for the time of year, adding to their beauty. Seasonal flowers are also the most affordable, as they are available locally in abundance without high transport costs.

They Can Create Flower Arches for Special Occasions

If you are looking for a floral showstopper, look no further than a flower arch. A flower arch is a perfect feature at any special event! 

These arches are created specially by local florists, adding a classic and beautiful spectacle for your guests to admire. Flower arches are best created by a local florist as you are able to save on any travel or shipping costs, as they are large arrangements that definitely wouldn’t ship well! 

By choosing a local florist for your flower arch, you are able to get a real feel for how the real thing will look on your special day, and help to choose the flowers and foliage that will decorate your arch. 


They Are Generally Less Expensive Than Nationwide Companies

Local florists are able to save money on things such as delivery, as they are not having to pay for packaging to keep the flowers safe whilst travelling nationwide, or pay for a courier - a charge that would then be passed on to you. 

By cutting out the middleman of an online florist, you will be able to make a small saving. Another thing to consider is that as beautiful as a bloom may look in pictures on an online florist, this is typically the image of the highest price pick they offer, and if you pick any bunch at a lower price you’re getting a smaller bunch with no idea how it looks! 

With a local florist, you are able to see what you’re paying for before walking out of the shop. 

The Florist Will Offer Expert Recommendations 

Local florists aren’t just shopkeepers, they are real artists in their field and take great pride in creating beautiful arrangements. 

If you are unsure about what you are after, a local florist will be more than happy to talk you through what’s in season, what flowers can be a real showstopper, or something more understated if that’s what you’re after. 

However, with a nationwide florist, you just must pick from the selection they are advertising. Florists can also help you with advice on which bunch of flowers is best suited to the person you are gifting the flowers to. 

For example, you may know that your friend has cats, just let your florist know this and they can curate a bunch that isn’t toxic for cats. This isn’t something that you are able to guarantee with a nationwide florist. 


Delivery Costs Will Be Low 

Any nationwide florist will be charging you for the packaging to ship the flower arrangement, and also the courier charges involved. By choosing a local florist, you cut out this middleman and save on costs. 

The personal touch of being able to deliver your blooms to a loved one is one that can’t be replicated by your local courier! However, if you are unable to deliver the flowers yourself, your local florist will be able to do this and will probably charge a lot less than a courier would. 

A lot of florists will also offer free delivery within a certain radius, and you can ensure that your flowers are being delivered with care. 

They Will Be Super Fresh

There's nothing quite as sweet-smelling as a fresh bunch of flowers, and that’s exactly what you want your recipient to smell when they receive their flowers! 

So, by choosing a local florist who can offer same-day or next-day delivery, you are guaranteeing that fresh scent on delivery. 

They will also have been freshly cut, which means that they will have a much longer life, something you can’t guarantee with an online florist as you can’t be sure when they were picked. 

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