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How to Find a Cheap Family Holiday This Summer

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Published on Feb 07, 2022
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Yes, you read that right - we did just say ‘cheap’ and ‘family holiday’ in the same sentence! Yippee!

If you’re planning to rally the troops for some memory-making good times, we’ve got plenty of ideas for the best cheap family holidays to take this year. The kiddos will be thrilled with adventure. And with such affordable options, your wallet will be pretty happy, too.

Whether it is a beach holiday, a trip to a bustling city, or something a little different, there are many options that you can choose from.

And what’s more, it doesn’t even have to be too expensive! Find out more on how to find a cheap family holiday below:

Decide On the Type of Holiday You Want

Deciding on the type of holiday you want is really going to help you plan how best to budget for your holiday. There are many different types of holidays, and some are easily more expensive than others:

International Holiday

If you and your family are on the hunt for the unknown - new places, new food, new cultures and new experiences then an international holiday is the one for you this summer.

This could be the most expensive due to the cost of the flights. But if you plan in advance and book through holiday providers such as TUI, then you should be able to snap us some great deals.

City Break

City breaks are the most popular holiday type in the world and there’s a good reason behind that. 

There is so much to do in a city. What with historical sights, amazing restaurants, and plenty of activities all within walking distance of one another - a family city holiday could be fun as well as educational.

Beach Holiday

When most people think of a holiday, they think of the beach. A relaxing getaway, toes in the sand or by the pool and a nice cool beverage in their hand, right? 

Well, that’s exactly what you get with beach holidays booked through On The Beach…assuming the weather is nice!


This is a great way to spend quality time with the family, especially on a budget. 

What could be more precious than toasting smores over the fire and singing camp songs whilst gazing at the stars?

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Decide the Best Board Basis for Your Holiday

Doing your research and choosing the right board basis for you and your family is definitely going to save you cash in the long run!

Self-catering means that you will need to buy all of your food and drinks whilst on vacation. It is great for picky eaters (especially the kiddos) or families who enjoy experiencing the different cultures and cuisines. Taking your own food with you can be a great and simple way to save money on holiday.

Villa holidays are almost like a home away from home. Here you will have all of the necessities to cook and clean which is essential for saving money! The right villa could make you and your family feel like you are in a piece of paradise. And if you go in a bigger group with friends and extended family, then you could enjoy somewhere even more luxurious if you're able to share the costs of accommodation.

In comparison, all-inclusive means that your food and drinks are included in your package holiday. Check out Expedia for some great package holiday deals. This is great for parents who want time off from thinking about meals to cook for their family. There is normally a large selection to choose from too if you stay at a decent hotel.

All-inclusive holidays also normally have lots of entertainment and activities for the family to do. Or at least for the children to do to give parents that well deserved rest (phew, right?).

Decide On the Best Destination

Staying in your home country can often mean cheaper for families as there is less travel cost. Generally speaking, car journeys and train rides are cheaper than flights.

Got your heart set on spreading your wings and going somewhere further away? Well, did you know that children under the age of 2 years old are able to fly for free with a lot of airlines? Check out Ebookers before you book your flights. Doing your research beforehand really could pay off!

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Consider Any Hidden Additional Costs

When saving for a holiday it's easy to forget about any additional costs! You may have booked your flights through EasyJet and saved some money BUT have you thought about:

1) How much it will cost to get to and from the airport. Could a friend take you? Or maybe a bus would be cheaper.

2) Luggage costs. Have all your bags been checked in online correctly? Is the luggage the correct weight? You don’t want those hefty luggage expenses before you even set off.

3) Do you have any pet animals? Will they need to be placed in an animal shelter and have you budgeted for this?

4) Spending money - this is essential for not only food and drinks. But consider any excursions you have checked out on Secret Escapes, travel costs whilst you're there, any gifts you may want to buy, and more.

5) Insurances. Don't forget to check that you and all your family are all fully covered under holiday insurance. If you're travelling overseas, then you may want to check that it covers any COVID related issues.

6) Depending on the type of holiday you choose, don't forget that you may need to do some shopping beforehand! Whether it's camping equipment or simply some new bathing suits for the kids - don't forget to factor these into your overall holiday costs.

7) Do you need a vehicle when you arrive on holiday? Have you thought about car rental? Check out Opodo where you can rent cars even on a budget to keep you out and about on your holiday. 

Start Browsing

The best way to know if you are getting a good deal on your holiday is to have a good idea of how much you should be expecting to pay.

We recommend that you start browsing over a period of months on different travel companies and websites to see what months the prices of the holidays go up and down in price.

Using comparison websites is also a great way to know a good deal when you see one. Or travel companies such as where you could save up to a huge 40% when you book your flight and hotel with them. Or if you are a last minute holiday booker, take a look at where you could bag a bargain holiday.

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Book As Early As Possible

Booking early means you’ll have far more choice. You’ll typically have a wide range of hotels to consider, and flights at convenient and family-friendly times. Just check out Agoda for some bargain holiday choices.

And don't forget that if you need to go during the school summer break, then don't forget that prices tend to be more expensive and that availability will go much more quickly for family-friendly trips.

And there you have it! If you need any more advice on how to find a cheap family holiday this summer – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You should also be sure to check out our other articles, too, for tonnes of money-saving advice on household bills, fashion, and more.


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