How to Look After Your Hair Extensions

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Published on May 22, 2022
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Hair extensions can dramatically change your hair and are guaranteed to look flawless the second you head out of the salon!

They have become increasingly more popular over recent years, and for very good reason! Hair extensions can add length and thickness to almost any style or cut of hair. 

However, hair extensions are a relatively big investment, especially if you don’t look after them properly. Once you’ve taken the plunge and bought yourself some hair extensions, then the better you look after them, the longer they’ll last before you need to buy new. 

There are a variety of different types of hair extensions on the market, including clip-ins, sew-in extensions, tape extensions, and more. How long they last between maintenance appointments and needing a full set will really depend on the quality you buy and the aftercare. 

That being said, check out some of the best ways to look after your hair extensions below.

Don’t Wash Them Too Frequently

Your hair extensions don’t need to be washed nearly as much as your natural hair might do. This is one of the huge bonuses of hair extensions, they can help make your hair look clean and fresh even when you’re due a wash! 

When it is time to give them a wash pick up some quality shampoos and conditioning products from HQ Hair to keep your locks frizz free and flowing.

Hairstylists always recommend simply washing the top part of your hair if possible, and only washing your hair extensions when they really need it. 

Always Dry Them Thoroughly 

One of the most important ways to look after your hair extensions is to ensure you always dry them thoroughly from root to end after washing them.

Pay close attention to your roots where the extensions are attached, if you don’t dry this area properly then they can become matted and become extremely difficult to style and remove. Check out Wahl who have a wide range of hair drying tools available that will work with your extensions.

To do this, it’s recommended that you always section your hair into your separate rows of extensions when drying it. 

Use Hair Treatments Regularly 

The best way to look after the condition of your hair extensions is to regularly use treatments on them. Check out Beauty Works for some bargain hair treatments for your luscious locks.

Treatments and hair masks provide a huge amount of moisturisation to hair extensions and help limit the amount of breakage which is more important than ever with hair extensions. 

Don’t Over Brush Them

You may be loving your new, long luscious locks and may feel tempted to keep brushing them to keep them looking as sleek as possible. But don’t!

Over-brushing your hair is one of the main causes of breakage. So your hair extensions won’t stay as long and thick for much longer if you keep brushing them out. Make sure you have a quality hair brush and a tangle teaser from a store like Give Me Cosmetics to keep your locks looking their best. 

Avoid Using Too Much Heat On Them or Over Styling

Every time you wash your hair, decide whether you really need to straighten or curl them, or whether you could simply plait them and have a natural loose wave hairstyle instead. We all know that heat causes damage to hair over time, so limiting the amount is a great way of keeping them healthy. 

You should also be careful not to over-style them. Tight ponytails and lots of grips in place can pull on your hair extensions. Take care and buy quality sectioning clips from stores like Sally Beauty if you need to hold your hair back.   Wearing cheap clips or hair ties that are too tight can both damage them completely and mean less time between maintenance appointments. 

Always Use Heat Protection Spray

When you do need to use heat on your hair extensions, make sure that you always use heat protection spray first! You can pick up an array of different heat protection sprays for all hair types from stores like Aveda, so there really is no excuse!

This is designed to keep your hair from breaking and becoming dry when applying heat to it. So if you want to keep your hair extensions looking good for longer, then be sure to use it before using a hairdryer or heated hair styling tools such as your hair straighteners or curlers.  

Never Try to Remove Them Yourself 

Hair extensions will naturally slip down over time, and so regularly require maintenance appointments to remove them and then refit them. 

It’s so important that you never feel tempted to try and do this yourself. Without using the correct tools, you could cause a huge amount of damage to your extensions as well as your natural hair. So always book a maintenance appointment with your hairstylist instead. And make sure you look after your hair and scalp in between with hair care products from stores like Philip Kingsley.

Sleep In a Plait or Loose Bun

Last but not least, always sleep with your hair extensions in a loose bun or plait. 

This type of hairstyle can restrict the movement of your extensions when you’re in bed and so will mean fewer disruptions to your bonds throughout the night. 


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