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How to Save Money With New Mobile Phone Deals

How to Save Money With New Mobile Phone Deals
Published on Jul 30, 2022
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Has that time finally come around when your trusty and beloved mobile phone is ready for an upgrade?

A mobile phone is an expense but one that is necessary for almost everyone. If you’re not in a position to part with a lump sum of money, you may be looking for some tips on how to save some money on your next upgrade. 

Check out our helpful guide below for some ideas on how to level up your phone, on a budget.

Recycle Your Old One

The phone your currently using is a great place to start when looking to save some money on a new mobile phone. Some companies such as Mazuma Mobile will allow you to ‘trade in’ your current mobile, receiving a discount on your new mobile in return for your old one. 

If this isn’t an option, and your phone is in good condition, you could look to sell your phone to a friend or family member, who may be looking for a new phone but they aren’t all too bothered about having a brand new one! If there’s no one in your life looking to change up your phone, or your phone isn’t in great condition, there are many options online that will recycle your mobile phone for you, and pay you a fee for it!

Look Out for Free Gifts

If you’re looking to upgrade, but want to make a deal out of it, there are many retailers that offer free gifts if you take out a plan with them. Although this won’t directly save you any money on your initial purchase, you may receive a free gift such as a TV, a games console or even a fitness watch from providers such as Sky. 

This might be something you were already looking to get your hands on, or could even be an awesome gift for someone in your life! 

Look Out for Discount Codes 

A well-known tip for saving money is to look for discount codes. There are plenty across the web, with varying levels of discount. The best place to look for discount codes is on social media platforms, by signing up for newsletters, or to check our website, obvs! 

Don’t forget that there are real people behind the phone companies, and calling up and asking if there are any discounts available, or even popping into your nearest phone shop such as Carphone Warehouse to see if they have any promotions running, is a great option to secure a deal you can’t get online. 

Don’t Buy New Releases Straight Away

As tempting as it may be to snap up the newest phone when it gets released, it's definitely not the most cost-effective way of upgrading your mobile. If you’re happy with your new phone not being the latest release, these editions tend to get a discount applied as soon as a new release comes out. 

If you really are set on getting the newest phone on the market, wait for a couple of months after release, where you may be able to bag a deal on a new mobile later down the line from providers such as Giff Gaff. 

Consider Buying Insurance

Although it may seem at the time like an extra unnecessary cost, insurance is a great way of making sure you’re not set to lose hundreds of pounds if something happens to your new mobile. 

From insurance as low as £3.99 a month from providers such as Insurance2go, you can protect your mobile from any unfortunate events such as being lost or stolen, or even damaged if you drop it. If you have home insurance, it's best to check if they will cover your mobile phone before taking out a new insurance contract, as you may already be covered under your home insurance plan!


Decide on the Best Package for You

Buying Your Phone Outright with Sim-Only

Although this may seem the priciest way to purchase a mobile phone in the current climate, it can turn out to be the cheapest way in the long run. You can get some really great sim-only contracts from providers such as Tesco Mobile, for example, that are very affordable in comparison to contracts where you are paying off the cost of the device at the same time. 

So, if you have the money upfront to pay for your phone outright, it’s worth considering as it will also drastically reduce your monthly outgoings!

Signing Up for a Monthly Contract

Monthly contracts do tend to be the most appealing when it comes to getting a new phone with providers such as Vodafone. They offer you a monthly rate, which will cover the cost of the mobile phone, as well as the service you need to be able to use the phone. 

This tends to be the best way to get the newest, most expensive device, without forking out a fortune to get your hands on it. Be sure to consider the fact you will more than likely be tied into a 2-year contract, so make sure you’re able to afford it. 


There’s also the option of Pay-As-You-Go, which used to be much more popular years ago before we had to pay for data! This is a great alternative to being tied to a monthly fee and will ensure you won’t go over your monthly allowance.  You can pick up a pay as you go sim for almost all providers online at Amazon.

You also aren’t tied into any contract, meaning that if one month you are really strapped for cash, you won’t have to pay anything if you’re happy to go off the grid for a few weeks.

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