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Our Top Picks for End of Year Teacher Gifts

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Published on Jul 17, 2022
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It is no secret that teachers do so much for our children so you and your kids may feel like you want to show your appreciation for them every now and again!

As we’re approaching the summer holidays and the end of another academic school year for so many children, it becomes the perfect opportunity to show your teacher how much you value them with a small gift of thanks.

But with most families having to make cutbacks on their expenses this year, and the fact that teachers will get dozens of similar presents – it does become really difficult knowing what to buy!

So we’ve put together a list of some of the top end-of-year gift ideas for teachers to help you on your quest.

Solo Presents

Solo presents given to a teacher just from your child are generally the best way to get them something meaningful and to really showcase how much they have done for your child individually.

The only issue with buying gifts for teachers just from yourself is that, of course, your budget is lower and they might get the same present several times over from their students.

However, if you or your child decide you’d like to get them something personally, then there are a few affordable gift ideas that will go down a treat with any teacher!

A Handmade Card

Absolutely nothing says thought and care like a handmade card does!

This could be a great idea, especially if your child is younger. They’ll absolutely love getting their craft on after stocking up at Crafters Companion and making this bespoke to their teacher.

It’s something that will hold a special place in any teacher’s heart, and something they can display in pride of place in their classroom for the following academic year.


If there’s one thing that we know about teachers who have to look after 30+ young kids or adolescent teenagers every day – it’s that they NEED coffee!

Nobody can argue how much work teachers do for our kids. And with those intense days in the classroom and long evening marking homework, nobody can deny they need that caffeine fix.

A personalised mug or ‘great teacher’ mug from Funky Pigeon could be a lovely gift whilst also being something practical that they can use every day.


If your teacher is a bit of a bookworm, then a book could be a classic gift for any teacher, you can pick up inexpensive books at TJ Hughes.

You could also think about getting them a book relating to their interests. Whether it’s to do with the subject they teach or something completely different if you know any of their hobbies – this could be a really unique and useful gift for any teacher.


Can you ever have enough candles?!

If you’re looking to get a teacher something they love whilst also being affordable then you can never go wrong with a candle from Candles Direct.

This can also be a great gift if you don’t know that much about a teacher and their likes/dislikes. Something like a Yankee candle in a gift box can make your gift extra special.

A Bottle of Wine

What we said about teachers needing coffee – the same statement applies to wine!

A good bottle of wine from Wine Buyers will no doubt be appreciated by any teacher over their summer holidays. You can normally pick up a nice bottle from the supermarket for under £10, and with a simple gift bag and bow on it you can have yourself a beautiful and affordable gift.

Indoor Plants

Last but not least, an indoor plant could be a great addition to any teacher’s home or classroom.

This is something they will surely appreciate for a long time to come and doesn’t take quite as much looking after as flowers do so could be a great option.

You can buy some lovely indoor plants and plant pots from your local supermarket, garden centre, or online.

Group Presents

Now we move on to group presents! If you and a few of the other parents in your children's class are all in agreement that you don’t know what to get the teacher – then why not group together and buy them something from all of you?

This gives you the opportunity to extend the budget of your gift and get them something a little extra special that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get them.

This option, of course, means that it’s not as personal from your child alone. However, you could always get an individual thank you card for them that is just from you. 


For something they can really treasure forever, jewellery from Swarovski could make an absolutely wonderful gift.

Without knowing their size, it could be a good idea to get them something like a bracelet, necklace or pair of earrings that can fit most sizes.

Make sure to look online for discount codes first to help get them something beautiful whilst also being within your budget.

An Experience

Is your child’s teacher a bit of an adrenaline junkie? Or perhaps they love a concert?

An experience day from Red Letter Days can be bought collectively could be a great way to buy a teacher something they’re really able to enjoy and a way to let their hair down over the summer holidays.

A Meal Voucher

Everyone loves dining out. So whether you know they’re a bit of a foodie or not – a voucher for a meal out for 2 could be a perfect and affordable gift.

If you aren’t sure of their favourite restaurant or food, why not get them a voucher for the swanky new place that’s recently opened in town? Or take a look at TripAdvisor and pick 

something from there!

A Weekend Away

Last but certainly not least, a weekend away could be just the R&R your kid’s teacher needs before returning to work after the school holidays.

Obviously, you don’t want to get them something that already has a fixed date on it. But buying them a voucher from something such as Wowcher or Groupon will allow them to book it themselves on a date that suits them!


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