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The Best Photo Gift Ideas & How to Save Money

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Published on Jul 08, 2022
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Nothing shows thought and effort like a completely unique and personalised photo gift for that special someone in your life, no matter what the occasion. 

Photo gifts let people cherish memories forever and they can be of great sentimental value to anyone, no matter your recipient. These types of presents really do display how much effort you've put into their gift, rather than buying them something readily-available from a shop. It’s always a nice touch to add that little bit of individuality or customisation to a gift! 

If you know you want to buy a gift of a memory for someone this year but aren’t really sure where to start, then below are some of the best examples of photo gifts with tips on how to save money when buying them.

The Best Photo Gifts for 2022


A step-up from the traditional photo album, you don’t have to worry about the edges of the photos curling under or the colours fading!

All your favourite pictures together at a turn of a page, either printed or a digital photobook from Photobook Uk. This could be a great idea if you want to gift someone a series of photos, for example from their wedding day or a holiday.

Canvas Print

Gone are the days when a glass, silver or wood frame was the only way to decorate the walls of your home. 

Nowadays, people are using canvas prints from stores like Printer Pix to liven up the walls by adding colour, texture and the most amazing pictures. A canvas print is a great way to celebrate a moment and a special occasion!

Framed Print

A framed print from Prezzy Box is probably the most traditional way of giving someone a photo gift and sometimes this is all that is needed. 

Whether it is for an elderly relative to put on their fireplace along with the rest of their grandchildren or family, or a framed photo of someone's favourite holiday destination to go on their living room wall. It is a go-to perfect present for anyone! 

A Printed Cushion or Blanket

Let your memories bring you comfort – literally! A printed cushion or blanket from Custom Gifts are great ways to show off your favourite picture and to hold them close. 

Cushions and blankets are always good gifts because everyone loves them. They are simple yet thoughtful, and why not add that extra bit of personalisation with a special photo or memory? This could be especially heart-warming if a loved one has recently lost a relative or pet, for example. 

Personalised Mug or Coaster

A photo that you never want to forget, added to something you use on a daily basis - what better way to remember them?! 

Mugs and coasters from Moon Pig are a great way to reminisce on last year's holiday or a special day whilst drinking your fave tea or putting down your glass of wine on the coaster. These are household essentials so will come in handy no matter who you're buying for.

A Keyring

Add initials or a message with your favourite group or family photo to a keychain from Firebox, and they will get to carry a little bit of love with them everywhere they go!

This could be a lovely idea for someone who has recently passed their driving test, or for someone who is going to be travelling a lot in the upcoming months especially.

A Locket Necklace

Lockets are the classic photo gift! Keeping your loved ones close to your heart. 

There are plenty of designs to look at and to make it even more personalised, why not look at getting the locket engraved with initials or a date from Swarovsi? 

A Personalised Photo Card

Custom photo cards are very simple to make and come from the heart. 

Customised photo cards fit the occasion perfectly and cost about the same price as they would do in a shop. By doing it this way you can make the card without leaving the house. A quick and easy way of making your card ‘a keeper’. 

If you're no good at arts and crafts, then there are loads of websites that can print cards for you such as Funky Pigeon

How to Save Money on Photo Gifts

Buy Your Own Frames Separately

Adding a frame to your print order usually means a minimum of an extra £10+ just for a standard frame!

You will pay over the odds for a frame that is not to your taste. Buying a frame separately will give you the option to shop around to find your favourite at a more favourable price. Don’t always go for the most convenient (it’s usually more expensive). 

Go Digital

Do you want piles and piles of photo prints laying around the house? No – I didn’t think so. 

Why not gift someone all of their favourite pictures digitally, this way they will have them stored safely forever. This can also be a lot cheaper than buying physical prints. 

Get Free Professional Prints

Some companies offer free standard prints and you just need to pay for the delivery. FreePrints offer up to 80 standard prints for free EACH MONTH! The cost does differ on different sizes and shapes but if you are wanting the standard size then this is the place for you. 

Look Out for Discount Codes

Keep a look out for discounts and discount codes. There’s always somewhere that has a sale on or could be that couple of £££’s cheaper. Take a look here for any discount codes 

Create Your Own Scrapbook

Add your own twist to the photos by making a scrapbook instead of a printed photobook. It will keep the cost down for you and it can be extended and added to at any point without having to start a new book from scratch. Scrapbooks are easily personalised to your own taste and can be changed to suit anyone. 


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