Spring Cleaning Checklist: Top Home Hacks To Save Space & Money

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Published on Feb 16, 2022
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Spring is almost on the horizon and we are so here for it! But as that beautiful sunrise shines through your bedroom window, it may also shine light on the fact that your home is in need of a good Spring clean, too…

Spring cleaning can be a great way to declutter and maximize the space in your home. But it can also help you feel organised and pretty good, too!

With just a few simple home hacks, you can start saving space and money in no time and feel a whole lot better. Check out some of our tips for some of the main rooms within your home. 

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Use Spice Racks

Nothing takes up more room in your cupboards than those pesky spice and herb jars! And of course, we need about a hundred of them - just in case you might ever need to add a sprinkle of Charnushka into your cooking. 

You can get spice racks from stores like Dunelm that sit on your kitchen counter, over your cupboard doors or even in your cupboards themselves to help save space and declutter. It’ll also help you see what spices you have much more easily so that you don’t end up buying twice. And if you’re lucky, it might even improve your cooking, too!

Utilise the Top of the Kitchen Cupboards

Have you ever even noticed that wonderful bit of storage heaven between your kitchen cupboards and ceiling?!

Other than built-in, fitted kitchens, you’ll find this in almost every home - and it’s probably one of the least utilised spaces. Rather than cluttering your cupboards with all those amazing kitchen appliances you picked up at Ninja Kitchen, pop them all up here and out of the way until you need them.

Use Handy Hooks

Running out of room under the sink for all of your cleaning cloths and towels? 

Some simple little self-adhesive hooks on the back of your cupboard door could do just the job! You can pick up small accessories like hooks and knobs at stores like TJ Hughes at discount prices. These will help you save tonnes of space, as well as make your cupboards look neat and tidy, too.

Get Labelling 

A great way to store dry foods like cereals, pasta, rice etc. is by storing them in plastic or glass jars! This will help foods keep their freshness longer, and will save tonnes of space in your cupboards. Take a look at Craft Stash where you can pick up all kinds of labels and label markers for a bargain.

Labelling could also save you so much money. If you can easily see exactly what you have in the kitchen, then you’ll be much less likely to buy things in your weekly shop that you already have. 


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Living Room

Make the Most Out of Shelving

Shelves are a beautiful, homely addition to any living room. But, are you really making the most out of that precious storage space?

Floating shelves with plants and candles from Candles Direct on them may look pretty, but you could probably save a lot of space by using closed shelves like cabinets or console tables instead that can hold a lot more items inside them.

Or if you already have an open cabinet or bookcase, then why not add storage baskets inside them to help hold any miscellaneous items?

Utilise Hidden Storage Furniture

Nowhere to put your excessive number of blankets (that you really need)? Furniture with hidden storage could be your new BFF!

You can buy footrests, chairs, shoe racks and even tables with hidden storage areas from stores like Furniture Village. These can make the perfect secret home for blankets or your kids’ toys to help declutter your floorspace. 

Choose a Sofa Bed

If you’re looking to declutter one of your spare bedrooms this Spring to make room for a home office or nursery, then a sofa bed in the living room could provide the perfect option!

Sofa beds from stores like Designer Sofas 4 U can be really comfy so we’re sure you’ll not have any complaints from any guests you have staying over. And combining a sofa and double bed in one is bound to save you a heck of a lot of cash, too.

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Use the Space Under the Bed

Is your bed a divan with drawers or an ottoman that opens up? If so, then make sure you get this wonderful bit of storage space used to its full potential! And even if you have an open bed frame then you could still find some great boxes from stores like Von Haus that could fit in perfectly under here.

If you have easy access to your under-bed space, then this could make the perfect place for your nightwear, bath towels, slippers so you can easily reach for them every evening. If your space is a little harder to get to, then keep items that you won’t need every day in here such as your special handbags or shoes.

Hang Your Clothes 

Ok, so we know we sound a bit like your nagging mom here (sorry not sorry). But there’s no better way of saving space and money in your bedroom than by hanging your clothes up! You can pick up inexpensive hangers from stores like Bargain Fox – literally for a bargain!

Clothes are generally the biggest clutter in any bedroom, and we know it can feel like a huge hassle sometimes to hang them all up. But, honestly, your designated chair or corner of your room just can’t take it anymore!

This Spring, have a full declutter of your wardrobe and get rid of everything you haven’t worn in the last 12 months. And we mean, everything! Having extra room in your wardrobe and spare hangers will allow you to browse your clothes with ease so that you can see exactly what you have. 

Use Vaccum Bags

So, we’re coming into Spring, and you probably aren’t going to need your huge parka coat or knitted sweater for a good few months (we hope). So jump on Groupon and see if you can bag yourself some vacuum bags to minimise though bulky items of clothing.

Vacuum bags are the perfect way to store any seasonal clothes that you won’t be needing for a while. They take up so much less room than any other type of storage, and they’ll keep your best Christmas jumper in pristine condition ready for you! They’re unbelievably cheap, too!

And, that’s a wrap! 

We hope you’ve found these tips useful. For any more home hacks this Spring – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You should also be sure to check out our other articles, too, for tonnes of money-saving advice on household bills,holidays, and more.


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