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Is a Wine Subscription Worth It & What Are the Benefits?

Is a Wine Subscription Worth It & What Are the Benefits?
Published on Jun 24, 2022
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If you fancy yourself as a bit of a wine connoisseur, then you will no doubt be familiar with wine subscriptions clubs.

Wine can be expensive, and if you drink a lot of it at home, then subscribing to a wine club can definitely save you money.

The general gist of a wine club is to sign up and pay monthly, to which you’ll receive a series of wine bottles that you would have otherwise had to find yourself.

So if you’re considering the benefits of a wine club and whether or not it would be worth subscribing to one, read on to find out more. 


If you like to buy a few bottles of wine when you go to the supermarket, then you’ll know that these are HEAVY!

Rather than ruin your bags for life (and your hands), get your bottles of wine delivered straight to your door at a time that suits you. 

If you become a member of a wine club such as Sunday Times Wine Club, you’ll almost always benefit from free delivery! This will save you time from scouring up and down the wine aisle in your local supermarket or off-license. 

And there is just something magical about coming home to a big box of wonderfulness! 

Save Money

Becoming a member of a wine club obviously means that you’ll be paying monthly for your subscription. 

However, if you regularly buy wine anyway, then you’ll almost definitely find that you’re making huge savings compared to buying individual bottles from a supermarket.

Wine from a wine club such as Brixton Wine Club will almost always be much cheaper than a like-for-like bottle would be from a supermarket – sometimes up to around 20% cheaper. 

A good wine club will also share exclusive discounts with you, and provide you with early access to any promotions or limited-edition wines. 

Find New Favourites

If you’re getting sick of buying 6 bottles of the same Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz every week, then maybe it’s time to broaden your palette and find some new faves!

Most wine clubs will offer a service whereby the select different wines for you depending on your likes and your previous choices. 

A wine club such as Naked Wines can really help you expand your wine repertoire and let you enjoy new flavours and grapes every week. 

They will often also provide you with details about the grapes, aromas, and vineyards in which your wine was made which can significantly help you increase your wine knowledge if this is something you’re interested in doing. 

Cater for Everyone

Do people in your household all enjoy a different type of wine?

If you love white, your husband loves red, and maybe your adult daughter loves rose – then that’s a lot of different types of wine to keep running up and down the supermarket aisle for! Not to mention the crates of lager you have to buy for your adult son…

A wine club such as Majestic’s wine club can provide you with an array of different types of wine so that you always have something different on hand, even if it’s not something that would normally be to your taste. 

Always Ready to Host

Would your friends and family describe you the hostess with the mostess? They will when you’ve joined a wine club!

If you love to host parties or have friends round to your home at late notice, then having a wine fridge or wine rack stacked up from The Bottle Club will make your life much easier.

No last-minute dashes to the local off-license or supermarket. If you always have a good amount of wine in the house ready to go, then you can be much more spontaneous with your plans. 

Get Free Gifts

One of the other fabulous benefits of joining a wine club such as Great Wine is you’ll regularly receive free gifts!

This could be something small through the post such as a sample of a new wine or a small block of cheese to compliment one of your lovely reds.

However they also tend to send out exclusive tickets for events, too! This could be a wine tasting event in your local area where you can enjoy spending time with like-minded people and sampling the finest of wines. So if you like a good night out then this one will be perfect for you. 

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Charlotte Marshall

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