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8 Reasons Why A Visit to a Museum Is a Must Family Day Out

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Published on Mar 02, 2022
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Ok, let’s be honest, museums don’t always get the credit they deserve! 

Maybe that’s from your childhood where you were dragged around at lightning speed in a class of 20 so couldn’t take it in. Or maybe your grandpa took you to his favourite train museum and accidentally left you there….no? Just me then! 

With all the modern technology and activity venues available for kids nowadays, you probably don’t always consider museums when you’re planning your next family day out.

But there really are so many awesome museums around that you probably wouldn’t even know of! If you’re still not fully convinced, here are 8 reasons that should hopefully change your mind.

1) They’re Often Free!

We all work hard, but the majority of our hard-earned pounds are often already spoken for when it comes to rent/mortgage, insurance, childcare, schooling, gym memberships (the list goes on). So the thought of paying for certain activities may not always be possible.  

However, did you know that a lot of museums are actually free? That’s right, FREE! So, if you’re stuck for something to do while the children are on holiday from school, or you need something to do at the weekend, why not pack up some lunch and take them for a lovely, day out without having to break the bank? Take a look at sites like City Sightseeing where you can pick your location and see what’s on!

Or if you’re looking for a more interactive visit with a guided tour, you could look out for any of our discount codes for activities and tours where you may be able to bag yourself a bargain.

A busy museum with people looking at different pieces2) There Will Be a Museum Local to You

Wherever you live, we can guarantee that there are at least one or two museums not far from you. 

If you are unsure of any near you, check out the Official Museum Directory to see what is near you. Or you could take a look at TripAdvisor for their list of the top 10 museums to visit. We also recommend looking at sites like English Heritage where you will find endless attractions to visit this summer.

3) They’re A Great Way to Spend Time With Family

If you’re struggling for new and fun things to do with all the family, then museums could be a great day out - no matter what age your family members are.

It could be a great way to get the grandparents out on a trip with the kids. Which they’ll absolutely love…And it means you can also share the load, especially if your kids are full of energy! You could even jump on a ferry and give the kids an extra special day out. There are some great discounts available on ferry trips with companies like DFDS and when you arrive you can check out some great museums in all of your new locations.

There are so many different museums available. From art museums showcasing paintings, sculptures, photography, illustrations, ceramics or metalwork. To military and war museums showcasing weapons, uniforms, decorations, war technology and other objects.  

You’re sure to find something that will entertain, educate and inspire every generation of your family at a museum. So when you are booking your next break through a site like Haven Holidays check out what history and museums there are in that location.

A crowd of children listen to a teacher in a museum4) They’re Educational

As well as providing entertainment, museums are great for educating both ourselves and our children. 

For example, at a natural history museum, you can learn about everything from dinosaurs, zoology, anthropology, evolution, oceanography, environmental issues, and so much more! We all know a kid who loves dinosaurs! 

Or, how about visiting a living history museum where historic events are performed by actors to portray how certain events would have looked and what would have been involved? It’s a great way to entertain the kids and teach them new and exciting things, without them even realising. So don’t forget to check out Time Out to find some great educational tourist attractions and treats for all the family.

5) They Make You Feel Inspired

Maybe you’re looking for a new hobby but have no idea where to start, or maybe you’re a creative person but need new inspiration.  

Art museums can provide just what you’re looking for, with so many different types of art on show, you’re destined to find a medium or piece of art that inspires you in your own work or life.  

Or maybe they’ll inspire you in a different way. Seeing what our ancestors have done before us is nothing short of inspirational. And it may give you the courage and determination you need to reach your own potential.

Whatever the purpose of your visit, you’re guaranteed to take something away with you - whether that’s inspiration or simply a great memory. Take a look online at sites like Tiqets where you can check out a whole host of attractions and buy your tickets in advance.

Dinosaur bones hung from the ceiling of a museum 6) They Create a Sense of Community

Museums are so much more than just pieces of art, artefacts, scientific exhibits etc, they’re actually a great little community in themselves. 

They facilitate you to meet with family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to share opinions and thoughts. You may not even realise but in fact, some museums actually have special events. It’s now becoming increasingly popular for museums to also hold special events such as book signings and even wine festivals and farmer’s markets.  

You could even check out some local Zoo’s which offer great history lessons too, take a look at ZSL London. It’s a great way to spend time with family or friends or to meet new people and become part of a new little community.

7) They’re Inclusive to Everyone

Unfortunately, there still are some activities that are not inclusive to all. However, this isn’t necessarily the fact for museums. 

Many museums also offer assistive listening devices for blind or hearing impaired visitors. It’s always a good idea to check the venue and its facilities online before your visit to ensure that you have everything you need so that you can enjoy your visit and have a great experience. Don’t forget to check out Pontins who have some great facilities for families.

Busy tourists stood outside the Van Gough Museum8) They’re Great for Tourism

Museums are a brilliant opportunity for local tourism, no matter where you are in the world. 

They allow tourists to learn more about the city or country they’re visiting by offering them insight into different cultures and past events which may have shaped how a particular place has become. 

We are all tourists in one way or another, and museums can teach us all something new!

If you’re going abroad take a look at sites like Viator where you can easily plan all of your attractions

And there we have it! Where will your first museum trip take you?

For any more money-saving tips or guides, be sure to check out our other articles on our website.


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