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How to Enjoy Cheap Thrills With Theme Park Deals

How to Enjoy Cheap Thrills With Theme Park Deals
Published on Aug 30, 2022
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No matter whether you are a thrill seeker or not or how old you are we all love a good day out at the theme park here in the UK!

It makes for a great family day out, but the cost of the tickets, food and fast tracks all soon add up. But as there are so many areas to spend money, there are also plenty of places in which you can save!

From snacks at the park to bulk buying tickets, make sure you plan your trip in advance so you don’t spend unnecessarily.

Our top tips are guaranteed to help you find a way to thrill seek with the whole family, without breaking the bank.

Look Out for Ticket Offers

Especially in the lead-up to the school holidays, so many parks and partnering brands offer ‘2 for 1’ and family ticket deals.


If you’re looking to go to a theme park this year, keep an eye out in advance for offers. Even if you’re not going at the time of the offer, you may still be able to purchase the tickets for a future date. Check out sites like Buy A Gift where you can pick up theme park tickets for a bargain.


So many children’s brands like cereals and drinks even offer opportunities to win free family passes so enter as many as you can!

Buy Online in Advance

No matter which park you’re looking to visit, it is always cheaper to buy online and in advance than in the park itself.


It's important to plan your visit if you’re looking to save money as tickets are at their most expensive price on the day.


Some theme park sites allow you to sign up for email notifications for when they release offers and discounted tickets.


Shop around at sites such as Attraction Tickets for theme park tickets before deciding which park to visit and purchase your tickets well in advance. You may even find season tickets that allow you to visit more than one site if you purchase while they are still available.

Avoid the Souvenir Shop

As much as our kids enjoy taking home a nick-nack from every place we visit, the souvenir shops can definitely be avoided!

Each souvenir that gets brought home is bound to sit in their rooms for a couple of years before being discarded so it’s an easy way of saving a bit of money on your trip.

Keep a plan for your walk around the park and they will be so excited for the next ride that they don’t even notice the shops!

If your children insist on visiting the souvenir shop, then budget a pocket money allowance in advance and let them choose something within their range.

Take Your Own Drinks & Snacks

The best way to save money on every family trip is by not buying overpriced food while we’re out.


We all know how overpriced restaurants and fast-food brands can be, especially at theme parks!


Treat your lunch as a picnic on your day out and prepare the food at home. Sandwiches, treats, fruit and drinks can be bought on your regular supermarket trip at Morrisons and can save you heaps of money.


There are benches and places to set up a picnic all around the parks so it can also be a great way to spend a bit of extra time together during the day.

Consider Annual Passes

If you’re a thrill seeker who visits theme parks year-round, an annual price is a great way to save money!


So many parks have sites nationwide so you can even visit a different place each time. You don’t even have to pay for your pass in one lump sum, there are options to pay monthly so you can spread the cost across the whole year. We recommend checking out sites such as Attraction Tix where you may be able to get annual theme park tickets for a discount compared to other providers. 


Annual passes also allow you to receive discounts on purchases while you’re in the park such as restaurants and overnight stays.

Ask About Specific Discounts

As with any purchase, our most important tip is always to shop around for discounts before you purchase.


Most parks such as Alton Towers offer discounts on pensioner and children's tickets. Make sure you check the age limits on these before you buy!


If you’re taking the whole family, it’s always a better price to buy one family pass rather than purchase individual tickets for each person.


Depending on where you work, you can even find other amazing discounts such as the blue light card or discounts with parent companies.

Leave the Fast-Track Passes

Fast track passes aren’t always an essential for a family day out to the theme park.


If you’re able to go on quieter days such as term time or mid-week, then the queues will be much shorter anyway. Check out sites such as Tripadvisor to find the best days and times to visit.


If you definitely want fast-track passes then try to get them while they’re on offer, they can be a great way to beat the queues. However, they aren’t essential.


Take lots of snacks and even plan some games for while you’re waiting. Ditching the fast-track passes can be a great way to save money on an unessential purchase!

Charlotte Marshall

Charlotte Marshall

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