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15 Ways to Save Money On Pet Supplies & Expenses

15 Ways to Save Money On Pet Supplies & Expenses
Published on Mar 27, 2022
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If you've ever had a pet before, then you'll know how much the costs can easily add up! Having a pet in your family can be one of life's greatest blessings, however, those endless supplies of poo bags and treats can be a drain on your bank balance.

Whether you’re stocking up on everything you need for a new pet or looking to save money on the ongoing costs of an older companion, we could all do with saving money on our pet’s expenses.

Here at Hey Discount, we’ve found a few helpful tips and tricks to save you money as a pet owner!

1) Buy in Bulk

Where possible, we would always recommend buying in bulk - things like treats, tennis balls and poo bags!


You will always need them so it’s best to buy in bulk where possible if you have the available cash and space at home. You can find every pet supply you can dream of and more at Pets At Home. This way, you'll likely be able to bag yourself some much bigger discounts than if you were to keep purchasing the same item in less quantity. 

2) Shop Online

Especially for larger purchases like beds, cages or pet car accessories, shopping online usually means you’re getting the very best deal. Check out Viovet who cater for cats, dogs, birds and horses!


Not only can you compare prices from several stores at once, but you can also keep an eye out for special offers and you can check out reviews from other people who have already purchased. So if you're sick of buying dog beds that only last 1 night, then have a good read through of previous customers' thoughts before making your next purchase.

3) Look Out for Discounts

As with any purchase, we always recommend looking for a discount code before adding it to your basket!


We have a wide range of discount codes for pet stores and are frequently adding new ones. Always keep an eye out here for the latest pet store discount codes! Or wherever you see a ‘subscribe’ option, make sure you do! You’ll pick up discount codes and offers at places like YUMOVE for all your pet supplies just by entering your email.

4) Become a Loyalty Member

Most stores offer loyalty cards that can help you get better deals on the items you buy most frequently. 


You can find out if your favourite stores offer a member discount by asking at the counter or checking their website. Signing up is usually free, and you may even get exclusive discounts sent to you on special occasions such as your pet's birthday! You could also join Fetch which is a rewards app for all your pet supplies.

5) Shop Second-Hand

You would be surprised with how many items you can actually find second-hand that are still in perfect condition for your pet!

More expensive pet purchases such as baby gates and crates can all be found on sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. Or you could even try your local charity shop.

6) Get Samples of Food & Treats

A common mistake a lot of pet owners make is bulk buying new food or treats before their pet has had a chance to try them.  


Pets can be really fussy eaters. So it's important to make sure you buy a few samples to try before you buy so that they don't end up getting wasted and you have to buy again. Most online pet stores like Jolleys The Pet Shop will happily send you out a small sample of their food or treats free of charge! You may just have to contribute a small shipping fee to cover their costs.

7) Buy An Adjustable Harness 

If you’re looking to buy a coat or harness for your new pet, we would recommend opting for adjustable if you can. Check out Omlet who have a range of different harnesses for dogs big and small


An adjustable harness or coat means it can grow with your pet! One good investment will last a long time, instead of having to keep buying a new one every few months. 

8) Make Your Own Pet Food

Believe it or not, making your own pet food is much easier than you would expect!


If you’re looking to save money on repeat purchases such as expensive pet food, you should consider researching what homemade foods you can make for your pet size and breed - and then you can simply batch cook and freeze.


This could also be a great way to look after your pet's dietary requirements, if you have a dog or cat that's allergic to certain types of meats or veggies, for example.


If you aren’t sure where to start making your own cat food, check out Republic of Cats where you can order taster boxes and customise their food to fit their needs.

9) Shop Seasonally

This is one of our favourite tips for saving money on one-off purchases!


For example, you can save anything from 10% to a huge 75% by simply shopping in seasonal sales. It really does pay to plan ahead. So if you know your dog is due a new coat this winter, then why not start browsing online throughout summer? Or if you are in the market for pet supplies for your Birds and need bird cage covers ready for the winter etc, check out Northern Parrot.  Similarly, you can be sure to bag some massive bargains on cooling supplies and toys throughout the winter sales.

10) Attend Regular Vet Check-ups 

This one may sound a bit backwards, but regular trips to the vet can actually save you money in the long run. Many vets offer monthly subscriptions which are a great way of spreading the cost of your pets' vaccines and check-ups.


If your pet is unfortunate enough to develop any medical issues, then by attending regular check-ups you should hopefully be able to get it under control early and prevent larger, more expensive issues from occurring. Your monthly subscription also usually includes small treatments such as nail clipping, too, that you may otherwise have to pay for separately. And make sure you check out vet-recommended stores like Pooch and Mutt for your pet supplies so you can keep your pet fit and healthy.

11) Take Out Pet Insurance

This one is an absolute must for any pet owner!

Even if your pet is perfectly healthy now, you must always take out pet insurance, ideally as soon as you get them.

Recurring monthly payments for insurance may seem like an additional expense. But should the worst happen, it will definitely save you money in the long run and prevent you from having to make a large lump sum payment should your pet need any large treatments.

Always ensure your insurance covers both long term illnesses and emergencies such as broken legs. Those emergency vet trips can cost a small fortune!

12) Learn How to Groom

For most pets, you can easily learn the small amount of grooming they require at home.

Things such as shampooing and hair clipping can be easy to learn and requires minimal equipment.

If you have a dog with a long-haired or curly coat that requires professional grooming, then keeping on top of it in-between visits will help keep the time and costs down with your groomer. So learning the basics of how to groom may save you more money than you first expect!

13) Share Dog Walking with Friends

If your friends also have dogs (or just happen to love yours!), you may be able to work out a walking schedule that provides mutual benefit.

Paying for a dog walker can add up very, very quickly if you're out at work every day. But if you’re able to do most of the dog walking yourself or have your dog walked by friends, it can be a huge relief for both you and your bank balance!

14) & Share Pet Sitting with Friends

Just as with walking, friends with other pets may be happy to have your little one join them on an evening if you have to go out.

You can also return the favour so you can save the expense of paying for a pet sitter whenever you have plans or go on holiday.

15) Make Your Own Toys

Particularly for dogs, it’s so easy to make your own enrichment toys at home!


Something as simple as hiding treats from in an empty toilet roll can keep a dog entertained for long periods of time. You can also hide treats in folded up old tea towels and hide them around the house.


A find and seek type game will keep your dog entertained for hours, and can be a great way to stimulate their brains - and keep them out of trouble!


We hope this article has been useful for you and your furry friends! For any more advice on how to save on pet supplies, check out our range of money-saving tips.

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