Essential Equipment for a Road Trip with Your Furry Friend

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    Are you looking forward to a staycation with the whole family this year, including your favourite little furry friend? 

    Packing for yourselves and your family for a daily road trip or weekend away can be a task in itself – not to mention all the equipment you need to consider if you’re taking your dog with you.

    Whether you’ve recently added a dog to the family, or this is your first road trip altogether – there are a few pieces of essential equipment and accessories that will help make your journey that bit smoother! 

    Car Seat Cover or Hammock

    Let’s face it, your dogs are always going to get mucky no matter where you go! If your dog is going to be travelling in the back seats, then you’re going to want to protect your seats.

    Either a car seat cover or a hammock that covers the entire back row will do the job and will help keep your pup safe, as well as keep your leather or fabric in good condition.

    Travel Crate

    If you have kids in the back and your dog will instead be travelling in the boot, then a travel crate or carrier is essential.

    It’s illegal to not have your dog safely secured somewhere that doesn’t interfere with the driver so an enclosed crate could be your best bit. Without this, it could end up costing you a fine or could invalidate your insurance should an accident occur. 

    Dog Seat Belt & Harness

    As we’ve mentioned above, it’s illegal to not have your dog safely secured in either a travel crate or carrier or with a seat belt attached if they are sitting on a cover or hammock on the back seats.

    This can be bought inexpensively and should be attached to a dog’s harness for comfort and safety. 

    Portable Water Bottle

    If you’ve got a long journey on your hands, then a portable water bottle for your dog is absolutely essential. 

    If they’re in a crate in the boot, then you could even get them a weighted bowl that is unable to tip over to allow your dog to drink as they please. Otherwise, a water bottle they can drink from each time you stop off will suffice. 

    Poo Bags

    As with humans, when mother nature calls, there’s nothing you can do about it!

    You know your dog best, and if they seem disgruntled or irritated then it may be that they need a toilet break. Having poo bags on hand will help make your quick stop-off run that little bit smoother!

    Treat Dispensing Puzzle Toy

    Does your dog get bored and needs mental stimulation during long journeys? A treat dispensing puzzle toy could do just the trick!

    There are loads of different variations for these, including puzzle mats they have to sniff through to find the treats. This could keep them occupied for around half an hour depending on how difficult it is, and may help them have a snooze after! 

    A Filled Kong

    As with puzzle toys above, a filled Kong will keep your dog entertained, happy, and quiet(!) for much longer!

    You can buy specific treats from pet stores to fill your Kong with, or look online for basic ideas such as low-fat cream cheese, dog peanut butter, and more.

    A Cosy Blanket

    Whether it’s to keep them warm or simply for comfort – a cosy blanket could be just what your dog needs for a long journey in the car. 

    It will help them sleep, and is a great way for a dog to relax with a blanket from home that carries a familiar scent to them. This could be especially helpful for a dog that suffers from anxiety or doesn’t like travelling.

    Window Shades

    If the sun is out in full force – then as happy as we may be, it’s important to keep an eye on our furry friends.

    Shades for the backseat windows can be a great way to keep the sun off our dogs and to help them feel cool and relaxed. They can also make it slightly darker to help them feel cosy.

    A Long Line

    Last but not least, think about what you’re going to do with your dog as soon as you reach your destination or for any stop-offs.

    If you’ve got a lot of gear to unpack as well as a restless dog that is desperate to get out of the car and stretch its legs, then a long line could be the perfect option to help keep them safe at the same time. 


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