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Our Top 15 Puppy Essentials! Everything You Need to Buy

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Published on Mar 09, 2022
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Nothing beats getting a furry companion for your family, there are so many exciting times and happy memories ahead!

Here at Hey Discount, we know that although a new puppy will bring so much joy, it can also be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if this is your first pet.

From food brands to extendable leads, car seats to grooming brushes, there are a million and one things you could buy. But what do you really need!?

With National Pet Day coming up on April 11th, there’s no better time to start planning for your pup!

1) Food & Water Bowls

It may seem like an obvious one but it’s super important to remember!

You can easily pick up food and water bowls for your pets from Pets At Home but there are a couple of things you need to bear in mind first!

You should consider the breed of your new furry friend before picking their food and water bowls. For example, if your dog has long ears then a tapered water bowl might be best so you don’t end up with water trailing around the house! Or you could opt for stainless steel if your chosen breed is an avid chewer.

Puppy under a blanket2) Blankets with Your Scent

A scented blanket can really help your pup settle into their new home.

Having something cosy for them to cuddle up to with a familiar smell helps to make them feel safe while they get used to their new environment.

Some breeders will provide this, but if not, you can always purchase a blanket yourself online at stores like VioVet and ask to drop it off a couple of weeks before you welcome your new pup home!

3) A Cosy Crate

Especially if your puppy will sometimes be left alone, a nice crate is an absolute essential! And you can make it cosy by picking up microfibre crate mats from stores like Fetch so you know your pup is comfortable. 

Our top tip for setting up a crate is to place blankets on top to make it a dark and cosy place for your dog to sleep and feel safe. We would also recommend getting a crate that is easy to assemble as you may want to use it for travelling too.

A Labrador sleeping in its bed4) A Comfy Bed or Bedding

Every pup deserves a comfy bed – or two! And it'll stop them from sleeping on the end of yours. For the time being, at least, anyway...

Most puppies will inevitably go through a destructive phase until they figure out what items are and aren’t their toys. So we recommend taking a look at Omlet for puppy beds that won’t break the bank.

You may find that you purchase a few beds during this time so keep an eye out for our incredible discount codes across the best pet stores!

5) A Personalized ID Tag & Collar

We hope you will never need this but for your pet’s safety, we would strongly recommend a personalized ID tag and collar which you can pick up at stores like Jollyes.

If the worst ever does happen, having your contact number on their tag means they can get home as quickly as possible!

Experts also warn against including your pet's name on their tag so they can’t be recalled by other people in the dog park.

A small dog with it's lead in it's mouth

6) A Long Lead & Retractable Lead

Having a couple of different leads is vital in your pup's training!

A long lead from online stores such as Dogs Dogs Dogs is great for training your dog to walk at heel and can even be used to get them used to walking in your home before they’ve had all their vaccinations.

You should also get a retractable lead for recall training; you should make sure they respond on command before letting them enjoy the dog park off-lead!

7) Puppy Pads

Puppy pads are a lifesaver when it comes to house training your pup.

Not only do they protect your flooring from any accidents but they can also teach your new addition where they’re allowed to go to the toilet.

Experts recommend that you gradually move your puppy pads closer to the door until your pup learns to go outside.

A small puppy eating from it's bowl

8) Complete Puppy Food & Training Treats

Your newest family member should be on the best food available for their breed.

Your vet will be able to advise on what is best for your pup, whether that be raw or dry kibble, you will be able to find something appropriate in a variety of pet stores.

Training treats from stores like Yumove are a fantastic way of using positive reinforcement to get your puppy to learn to do the right thing!

9) Car Seatbelt, Harness & Hammock

If you will be taking your pup on walking adventures or even family holidays, it’s essential to get them comfortable being in the car. You can do this by making seatbelts, harnesses and hammocks part of their everyday life.

They are also essential to ensuring your puppy is safe while in the car so research the exact one you’re thinking of buying before you do so!

10) Stimulation Toys & Puzzles

We all want our pets to have the best lives. Stimulation toys and puzzles from Doggie Solutions are a great way to do just that, particularly if your pup will be being left for any length of time.

You can get lick mats or fillable toys that will keep your dog or young puppy entertained for long periods of time, especially if you pop them in the freezer.

This is also a fantastic way of making sure they aren’t looking for other items to chew, like your slippers!

Many online pet shops offer a wide variety of enrichment toys and puzzles, check out the best offers and discount codes here.

11) Dog Plush Toys

Toys are essential to a dog’s life and you may find that your puppy gets through quite a few!

The type of toys you buy will depend on the breed and personality of your dog. Some pups may chew through everything so you will need to look for extra strength toys or buy in bulk. 

However, some breeds prefer to hide toys and carry them around rather than chew. This can also help them to feel more comfortable when settling into their new home.

12) Grooming Supplies

Almost all breeds will require a visit to the groomers every now and again, so it’s important to get your pup used to this at home.

Hey Discount has amazing discount codes for a range of pet stores that sell everything you need to start the basic puppy grooming.

We’d suggest starting with a good puppy shampoo and brush set from Groomers. This will help keep your pup clean, reduce shedding and get them used to human contact!

13) Balls... & More Balls

If you’ve had a dog before, you’ll know how important it is to make sure you have plenty of tennis balls around the house.

Particularly for working breeds, balls are a great way of getting them exercised properly on walks... and making sure they’re tired out! Many people aren't aware but it is not recommended to throw sticks for dogs as these could be dangerous. So taking balls on a walk for them is a must.

You can buy these from any pet store and it’s best to buy a bag full at a time as they are bound to get lost in the woods somewhere!

14) Poo Bags

An obvious buy but an easy one to forget... and trust us, this is not something you want to forget!

Your poo bags don’t need to be anything expensive, but you may find that you need a lot.

Not only will you need these on every walk you go on, but you’ll also need them to pick up in your own backyard. 

And don't worry, if you've just had a fresh manicure then you can actually buy a pooper scooper if you’d rather not pick it up yourself!

15) Durable Chew Toys & Sticks

All pups are going to chew while they’re young, especially while they’re teething.

We would recommend investing in some durable chew toys and sticks from to have around the house, especially for when you go out to work.

Using a discount code means you can get a few more toys for the same budget, which will save on replacing furniture and shoes in the long run. And save your hands or ankles the pain of those sharp puppy teeth!


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