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How Much Is Pet Insurance & How Can I Choose the Best Company?

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Published on May 02, 2022
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Insuring our furry friends may seem like an extra expense, especially after paying to kit them out with treats, food, grooming supplies, and a gazillion toys that they'll probably destroy in the first couple of days...

That being said, pet insurance is a lifeline and absolute essential to have in place should the unfortunate happen to your pet. And when emotions are high after your pet falling ill or having an accident, the sight of expensive vet bills could be enough to turn you sick, too! 

In the long run, pet insurance is a money-saving policy that ensures you're covered if your pet needs any sort of veterinary care. But with so many different providers and different policies available on the market, it can often be difficult to choose the best policy for your cat or dog, especially if it's your first pet. 

Check out some of the top things you should consider when choosing the best insurance policy below.

Be Sure of the Size & Breed of Your Pet 

This might seem like quite an obvious point, however, if you have rescued a pet this sort of information is harder to know. But it is crucial before selecting your insurance plan from providers such as Waggel.

Make sure to do your research to find out what breed your new pet is, as insurers will charge different rates depending on the potential hereditary conditions that may be associated with the breed. 

This will mean you're not caught out if you have to claim, and could also lower your premium if you are able to declare correctly.

Look for Deals on Multi-Pet Insurance

Many insurers will offer you a discount if you have more than one pet, so always be sure to check out multi-pet insurance policies with providers such as PDSA! 

Making a saving just by adding your pet on is a discount not to be missed. This will also be helpful when it does come to claiming, as all your account details will be in one place, no having to worry about who's insured where!

Always Phone The Insurance Company Up

Picking up the phone to call an insurer such as More Than to check the best price is a great way to try and knock the price of your premium down. 

The insurer call centres will always be the most up to date with the best offers, and they may also be able to help you see how you can bring your premium down by talking through what you are signing up for, or even upgrading your policy for free. 

Check Out Any Offers with Your Local Pet Store

Pet stores are somewhere we become very familiar with when we first bring our new pet home! 

Not only are these stores great for all the essentials you may need for your new furry friend, some even offer a voucher to use in-store in return for signing up to a particular insurance company. For example, Pets at Home often offer a voucher to use with them if you sign up for an insurance policy with PetPlan. 

Check out the latest deals your local stores are offering to see if there are any bargains to be had!

Consider the Type of Insurance You Need

It's important to know the type of cover you require for your insurance. 

There are a few different types of cover on offer, starting with lifetime cover. These policies are the most popular and most comprehensive type of cover on the market. The premise behind these plans is that the insurer will pay out for any treatments over the course of your pet's lifetime.

There is also non-lifetime pet insurance, which excludes certain conditions once you hit the claims limit. This is less comprehensive and doesn't cover your back as much, which is reflected in the cost. Take a look at sites like PetPlan which has great explanations as to what is included in their insurance plans and policies.  

The most basic type of pet insurance is accident-only pet insurance. This level of cover only pays out for accident-related injuries, and will not cover illnesses. 

Use Price Comparison Sites

Price comparison sites are always the best place to start when looking to insure. Being able to view multiple insurers' rates, all in one place, can make it much easier to make a decision. 

Price comparison sites tend to also offer an incentive for signing up through them, so make sure to maximise your purchase. It’s a great idea to compare different policies on sites such as Which before you sign your furry friend up. 

If you have time, then don't forget to go check out sites such as PetPlan who do not appear on price comparison search engines, as these exclusive insurers may offer a better price or policy than those you can see on comparison sites.  

Look for Cashback or Discount Codes

Cashback sites are another way to maximise your savings when taking out pet insurance. Cashback sites will pay you to shop through their link, so it's essentially an extra click on your way to paying. 

Likewise, if you're shopping online for your pet insurance then always look out for a discount code first. At Hey Discount, we often have discount codes available on various types of policies. Simply check out for pet stores page for all of our live codes. 

Sign Up Sooner Rather Than Later

It's much easier and cheaper to insure a pet when they're younger. 

If they, unfortunately, develop any health issues as they grow older such as arthritis, then many insurers will refuse to insure them and it could in turn, cost you a fortune. It is important to make sure you have an insurance plan in place with a trusted insurance provider such as Every Paw.

Also remember that accidents and illnesses can happen at any point, and ensuring you have the right cover as early as possible will take the financial stress out of an already stressful situation. 

Read the Small Print

Last but certainly not least, always check the small print of any insurance policy. Make sure you only choose an insurance plan with a trusted insurance company such as Pet Sure so you don’t get caught out by the small print.

A policy may seem a good price at first glance, but be sure that you won't get caught out later down the line. 

Check the level of excess, as you may have a hefty fee to pay before your insurer will shell out for your vet bills. It's also important to check the terms and conditions that the policy provider is not able to change your contract at any point.


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